Would I Date Her? – Kuuderes



Wait…WAIT!! That’s the wrong gif this time. Let me just..

There we go

Sooo sorry for going AWOL like that, dudes and dudettes. Real life got extremely hectic really fast. And…to make a long story short, I moved out and am in the midst of a transitional period in my life. But, things have simmered down a bit to where I can get back to what I love to do! So, without further ado, my next entry in this series of posts: Kuuderes. Or, as I like to call them:

The Human Rubix Cube

Ever been in position where you had an out loud rhetorical conversation with yourself? Ever vented your feelings while staring at a wall? Then you’ve basically had a conversation with a kuudere already, although that’s an over simplification of them. Kuuderes aren’t all out emotionless, they are just hard to get a fix on. No matter the situation it’s almost impossible to tell what they are feeling or thinking. Which, when you think about it, makes them excellent poker players! You know…cause of their perpetual poker faces…eh..heh..heh..


Another key trait of the kuudere is the manner in which they talk. The tone in their voices rarely shift from being monotone and, even if something outrageous were to happen, they’d never change octaves. I mean, Shinji fell on top of Rei and grabbed one of her breasts. Yet the chick merely said get off in the calmest manner depicted in anime and just went about getting dressed. And as we all now, the clichéd response to such a situation would be to launch the offending male to the stratosphere!

Something like this.

Of course, that Ice Queen facade is only an outer shell that covers up the kuudee’s inner warmth and radiance. Kuroyukihime from Accel World would be a perfect example of this as despite her stoic mannerisms around everyone else, she’s quite affectionate and emotional when it comes to things involving Haruyuki. Not to say they’d become all feisty like a tsundere, but they are prone to bouts of passion when they feel the situation calls for it.

So, given all of that, would I search out a kuudere as a date for Valentine’s Day? Survey Says…:


Puzzles are meant to be enjoyed every now and then, not all the time. I get annoyed enough trying to figure out what to eat when I go to Burger King, so I doubt having to figure out what a kuudere is thinking 24/7 would be that enjoyable of an experience. And no matter how lovey dovey you get with them, that blank expression will ever change. And that, my friends, is one annoyance I’m more than happy to avoid.

I’m NEETaku and that is Just…My 2 Cents!

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