Top 6 Couples That Will Never Be A Couple



And for those people, like me, who are single…

Better luck next year…

Yeah…for those of us who don’t have a significant other to enjoy this global celebration of romance with, Valentine’s Day can annoying, depressing and sometimes infuriating. The only solace that we can take is that, within our favorite pastime, there are several people who will never, EVAH, seal the deal either. These are the Top 6 Couples That Will Actually Be A Couple, starting with:


#6 Akito & Megumi (Martian Successor Nadesico)


This one is sort of cheating given that they technically were a couple in the anime. Yeah..most people who watched the show back int he day probably don’t even remember these two were an item for like…3-5 episodes. Mostly because they were broken up in the ASININE WAY IN ANIME HISTORY!!


While they were trapped in a space pod and running out of air, Akito, Megumi and Yurika try to come up with a plan to get out of the situation and decide that one of them needs to be sacrificed. Akito offers up Yurika and, for some confusing reason, Megumi takes this as Akito caring more about Yurika than he does her. After they get back tot he ship, she goes and dumps the guy and they rarely speak after it!

See…this is why best friends in romance anime are the worst characters around!


#5 Ryoko & Tenchi (Tenchi Series)


Again, sorta, kinda cheating this one given that, if we accept the Daughter of Darkness movie as canon, these two are/were a couple at some point given Mayuka is their daughter. But, that’s just splitting hairs really. As far as I and many other fans were concerned, the only logical choice for Tenchi’s lover was Ryoko. I mean she LITERALLY watched the guy grow up and actually fell in love with him over time. You know, unlike Ayeka, Washu, Sasami and Mihoshi who all suffered from Disney Romance syndrome and fell in love with him at first sight.

Almost every romantic instance featured in the various shows contained these two, yet they never actually go anywhere with it. I guess it was so that fans don’t have their feelings hurt, but that’s what side stories are for! Look at Clannad! They made several OVAs for the other girls, so why couldn’t the creators of Tenchi follow the same pattern? Regardless, we all know who the “best girl” was in this series.


#4 Relena & Heero ( Gundam Wing)


I mentioned this before in a previous post, but MAN do I hate romances that beat around the bush! And as far as Relena and Heero go, even the bush is tired of being tiptoed around! A blindfolded Stevie Wonder who was left in some cave in the middle of Australia could see that both of them were head over heels for one another, but..nothing! It’s like were little kittens and the anime was dangling a ball of yarn just out of our reach for 52 episodes. And to top it all off, they creators of the show had the BALLS to write a manga with THIS in it:

– Flips a table.-

You’re dead to me, Sunrise. Dead, I say!!


#3  Banri & Linda ( Golden Time)


The moment I found out that studio behind Toradora was behind the series Golden Time I knew that I was in for a good experience. And after marathoning the show, I can honestly say it was as good as expected….Except for one little kink: Banri ended up with the wrong chick IMO.

Nothing against Koko in the slightest. She was a great character, had some excellent development and certainly deserved to end up with Banri in the end. But man..the episodes detailing Banri’s and Linda’s history…does episodes where the best in the series hands down! I wanted them to get back together sooooo baaadd! But, as with most best friends in romance anime, they never, EVER, get the guy/girl in the end. Poor, poor Linda…


#2 Ippo & Kumi ( Hajime no Ippo)


Morikawa George-sensei, I am sooo grateful for you for bringing Hajime no Ippo to life. It is my favorite anime/manga of all time and I am going to be extremely sad when you finally wrap things up with it.


Can you please…PLEASE…just have Ippo and Kumi hook up already?!! I mean first there was the time Ippo confessed but Kumi fell asleep. Then there was the time where Ippo broke his promise to give her his first auotgraph. THEN there the incident on the hill when they almost kissed…MY HEART JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I’m begging you, Morikawa-sensei, just make them a couple already! No more beating around the bush. Please? PLEASE?!!


#1 Tomoya & Tomoyo ( Clannad)





For the love of all things good and lovely, why didn’t these two hook up!? They are a match made in heaven in every sense of that phrase! They are both mature way beyond their age, they both of tragic backstories with which they could’ve helped each other with and they have soooo much chemistry!! The OVA Tomoyo After was one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched in anime history! I was moved to friggin tears watching the ending of it, and from that day on could think of nothing except that these two were meant for one another!!

Do it all over, Kyoto Animation!! Just redo the whole entire series, dang it!! I want Tomoyo X Tomoya!! I NEED Tomoyo x Tomoya!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. That was Just..My 2 Cents!!!


9 thoughts on “Top 6 Couples That Will Never Be A Couple

  1. Banri and Linda so should have been together. Koko needed Banri to find herself and grow up, but then he should have ended up with Linda and Koko should have gone on her own independent way not relying on who she was dating to form her identity. That would have been the best ending to Golden Time.
    Thanks for the great list.

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  2. […] Top 6 Couples That Will Never Be A Couple– This post comes from NEETaku of Just… My 2 Cents! *snicker* Leave it to this blogger to have me rolling just from reading the title! In this “anti” Valentine’s Day post, NEETaku, spotlights six anime couples that will never ever seal the deal. I laughed, I cried, I raged… This is a fun post and a must read for folks still a little salty after all the LUV-LUV vibes from V-day! […]

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