Top 6 Questionable Moments in DragonBall/Z/GT

Two posts in one day from NEETaku?! You know what that means, right?!

All jokes aside, there’s no rhyme or reason to me putting out two posts today. I go the itch to write and I’m just scratching it like a dog scratches at fleas. Not only that, it’s a rare occurrence for people, critics or not, to rail on something that they actually like. DragonBall/Z/GT is a much a part of my childhood as my parents are. I’ve gone so far as to watch the show in Spanish with closed captions on that just so happened to translate things into English (still haven’t figured that one out). So today, I’m going to list the Top 6 questions I’ve had for as long as I’ve watched the various DB series. Starting with:

#6 Why Do The Z Warriors/Gang Keep Krillin Around?


I know I’ve yapped about this before, but it bares repeating. Krilin is without a doubt one of the most unforgivable people in anime history! In one of the biggest crises the gang has ever faced in Cell/The Androids, this bald-headed punk held in his hands the means to not only stop Cell from becoming perfect, but also render the Androids useless forever. And what did he do?!!

WHAT!? But…you….WHAT?!

And WHY did he step on the only thing capable of saving the day!?

Because he finally got to first base!

He sold his friends and the entire planet out because an evil, robotic chick, who’s bent on killing his best friend, kissed him on the cheek!! Forget not letting him hang around anymore, I’m surprised neither Piccolo or Vegeta killed him on the spot!! There are just….no words to describe my hatred for him.


#5 How Did Dende/Popo Not Notice Pilaf?


First off, props to the creators for even bringing back one of the most iconic villains in DB back in the schlock fest that was GT. That notwithstanding, how the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did neither Dende or Mr. Popo not notice him and the his gang hanging around The Lookout?! Dende, Kami and Popo have all shown themselves capable of spotting a fly taking a dump in a vast field of wheat, yet NONE of them noticed a trio of bad guys sneaking into the room with the Dragon Balls?! Furthermore, why didn’t they have those things locked up in the first place?! Were they that confident that no one would be stupid enough to try to steal them? Cause spoiler alert: SOMEONE WAS!!!


#4 How Did Android 18 Have A Friggin’ Baby?


I know….I know. This has been asked a bajillion times before, and the answer is always the same: She’s a “Cyborg”, not and “Android. And I totally agree with that statement..


Even if she’s not a full-blown robot like Android 16, she STILL has robotic parts mucking about in her body. You’re trying to tell me that none of those mechanical augmentations would cause issues with any of her biological systems? There’s no possible way that her being a cyborg would leave her incapable of reproducing. Yeah, she’s a cyborg, but she’s not human anymore! I’m sorry, but I fail to understand how there were NO complications with her having a baby given that most of her innards required oil to function properly.

#3 Why Didn’t Android 16 Stop Cell From Absorbing Android 17?


Android 16 showed that he was more than a match for Imperfect Cell. In fact, the guy even managed to rip off Cell’s tail in the beginning. I mean yeah, it grew back a few seconds later, but he proved it was possible. So, why on EARTH did he just stand there and watch Cell absorb Android 17? It wasn’t like it was an immediate action or anything. It took at least a minute or two for him to do it, which was more than enough time for 16 to rush in and put a stop to it.

I guess there must be an unwritten rule about waiting for your enemy to power up before attacking.


#2 Why Isn’t The Solar Flare Used Anymore?


The Solar Flare is literally the most broken technique in Dragon Ball history. No matter your power level, speed or fighting capabilities, one shot from this attack will render incapable of attacking for an extended period of time.

Soooo….why don’t they just use it more often!? I’m serious!! So many battles could have been ended with little effort if the Z Warriors could’ve figured out the equation Solar Flare + Destructo Disk = Victory. I know it would have made the series super boring, but think how many lives would have been saved!!


#1 Blue Mr. Popo


Why is Mr. Popo blue?

Why is Mr. Popo blue?


Why is Mr. Popo blue?!!!

And don’t you dare pull that ” race card” with me, 4Kids!! Popo is a genie, not a human being!! Therefore, him being black and having large lips have NOTHING to do with black people! This was a stupid, STUPID change and only caused more controversy than if you had just left him the same!!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!!

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