NEETaku Rants: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Part 2


Yes, ladies and gents…it’s one of “those” posts again. Hang on to your hats…Also, check out @lethargicramblings post while you’re at it. It’s the reason for my post today. In a good way.


It’s not fun ragging on the anime fan base. Not…one…bit. But, it’s also kinda hard to ignore certain portions of it that are known to cause an unnecessary stink that ruins the experience for everyone. The first post I made with the same title was a reaction to a Crunchyroll post about the newest SAO movie. And, as many of you would assume, haters and lovers of the series alike made their voices known in full force and put on quite the show with their various opinions. What I noticed, however, when reading the various comments was a common theme: The lovers of SAO wouldn’t even acknowledge that the series had flaws.

Many times I’ve said on here that nothing man-made is perfect. The best anime I’ve ever watched have had their fair share of flaws and plot holes just like the worst ones I’ve watched. So, the fact that fans of SAO won’t even acknowledge that the series has problems struck me as very odd. This isn’t a problem exclusive to this particular fan base, mind you. Many fans of varying shows have been prone to turning a blind eye to the mistakes a show makes. And it’s this disconnect, I think, that is the catalyst for most of the disagreements about SAO.


There’s a big difference between someone giving constructive criticism and someone just trying to get a rise from others. Unfortunately, it’s hard to distinguish between the two camps due to all the mudslinging that goes on whenever SAO is brought up. If the person simply says ” SAO sux Lawwl”, they are probably just trolling. On the other hand, if the commenter offers a legit gripe they’ve had with the show and provides details, they are constructively offering a critique.

I know fans of the anime are sick to death of dealing with the constant bashing and I sympathize with them. But you’ve also have to be able to take constructive criticism in stride when it’s offered. For example, the scene where Kirito, in a matter of seconds, hacks the code of the game to transfer Yui into a in-game item was one of the most WTH moments in all of anime. However, the majority of fans probably think that it was one of the top moments in the show, which is of course fine. The problems arise when both parties aren’t able to openly discuss their viewpoints on that particular scene without it turning into a full on flame war. Again, this is the disconnect between fans and haters.


I get it, ok. I can get emotional sometimes when discussing Hajime no Ippo and not acknowledge a good argument when it’s brought up. However, there’s nothing wrong with liking an anime despite its flaws. That what makes it likable in the first place! I love Ippo despite the complaints I have with the anime, and I will continue loving it no matter how many times they are brought up. The difference is I’m willing to acknowledge said faults unlike most fans of SAO or any other show. Don’t get mad when the show’s called out by someone. Take it in stride and have a civil discussion to see exactly what that person is trying to say.


I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!

8 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Part 2

  1. First of all, thanks for linking my post here! I’m glad I could be an inspiration for this post!

    Great post, I agree with you here. People need to just learn to accept criticism/not bash others for liking what they don’t. It’s sad to see everywhere.

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  2. I like SAO, but admit it has flaws. Asuna being relegated to being a damsel in distress sucked for example and the Excalibur arc in season two was just lame filler.

    Constructive criticism is fine, but some people are sensitive when something they love gets bashed – especially if some of the flaws in question are not exclusive to SAO.

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