NEETaku Rants: Why Didn’t I Enjoy You More, Majestic Prince?

Ever see a trailer for a new series and thought ” Oh yeah…that’s the show for me”? And then, when you actually start watching said series, you find yourself not getting into it as much as you think you should? Like…the show isn’t awful…but…you just ain’t vibing with it. That’s how I felt when watching a Majestic Prince, a mech show that I should’ve loved to death but just couldn’t get into that much.

It’s Ok….I guess….

The plot to Majestic Prince is as basic as basic gets for mech shows. Humans roll up into outer space. They do some gene splicing to make it easier for people to live among the stars, then BOOM!! A alien race pops up out of no where and is all like: ” Why are you guys harshin’ are mellow, brah!?” Then some words are exchanged, someone’s Momma is brought up and before you know it we got ourselves an intergalactic conflict. And of course, the only people capable of fighting back the alien race are teenagers. Cause you know, we adults are too busy with work and junk.

Seriously…it’s ALWAYS teenagers.

The pilots aren’t totally generic, but you’ve seen them before in other shows. You got the totally obsessive tech geek Suruga, the happy go lucky leader with a heart of gold Izuru, the second in command Asagi, the team tactician Kei and the Boobs. And no…that’s not hyperbole. Literally the only thing I remember about Irie Tamaki is that she has gargantuan melons. Oh yeah! There was that one guy with the split personality who was kind of cool. Other than that, they are your standard team of pilots.

What caught my eye the most about the team were the mechs that they flew. Called  AHSMB (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device), they are totally reliant on the pilot’s strengths and weaknesses both mentally and physically. Meaning, if one of those angsty teens  has one of their “moments”, the performance of the machine suffers. I thought that was a nice twist on the typical ace pilots motif shown in mech series. It sort of reminded me of the Coordinators from SEED.

OH YEAH! How could I forget The Trap of the group? XD

The action in the show is fast, furious and colorful! There is never a time where a full on rainbow of laser beams aren’t shooting around the battlefield when a fight is going on. The mechs have some sort of ” Super Mode” to them that is specific to the pilots, but I can’t recall what they are and am too lazy to look them up. XD Just know that, just like me, you won’t be bored with the battles.

With all that’s been said, you’d probably think I had a blast simulcasting this thing when it first came out. I mean..if you thought that despite the title of this post and the opening paragraph then whatsamattawithchu…I really, really wanted to enjoy the crap out of this show. But…something just felt off. If I actually used a rating system of sorts, this show would definitely be a C+. I suppose I could sum my feelings by saying while it did do things different from other mech shows, there just wasn’t enough of those differences. I wasn’t able to predict everything that would happen, but can’t say there were that many WTH moments either.

Oh YEAH!! There was one particular episode that did make me nearly bash my head through a wall. Episode 12 had the only female members of the team do PR events that required them to be in bikinis Because of course they did. -__-  The highlight of the episode was Tamaki ending up in this number:

Trust me…it’s even skimpier in the anime

So, would I recommend Majestic Prince to people to watch? No doubt I would. I don’t regret watching the anime. Just wish it left a bigger impression on me than it did. Anyways, that is Just..My 2 Cents!


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