NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty Extra Credit


It has been brought to my attention by The Otaku Judge….


Ahem…as I was saying…it was brought to my attention that in the XYZ season of Pokemon…


Ash is given a goodbye kiss by Serena, female companion of that particular season…


Let me say that…again….Despite all the hinting that was done with Misty in the first few seasons of the series, it was NOT our favorite tomboy that finally planted a smooch on his lips. No….It was some blonde bimbo that was only around because derpy derp: We need a female character for this season!!!!



Nope…I’m good…I’m go…


NOPE!! I’m not going to get mad….I’m not gonna get mad….



Huff…huff….NOPE!! STILL GOING!!


OK!! OK!! I’m calm! I’m calm…

Ladies and gents…this has got to be the biggest slap in the face I’ve ever gotten as an anime fan. I mean….Do Ash and this Serena chick share any kind of romantic chemistry during this particular season? Do they hold hands!? Do they go on a date? Does he or she EVAH show any feelings for one another at all!!?? I haven’t watched the Pokemon anime in ages, so I don’t know anything!! Someone please inform me!!!

Ughh!!! I’m so upset I can’t even think of a clever way implement my catchphrase into this post!!!

6 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty Extra Credit

  1. Being fair, that’s not even his first kiss. Latias/Bianca kissed him in Pokemon Heroes (I’d assume it’s Bianca just because ew otherwise), though some people don’t count that since it may have been next to his lips instead of on them, but that’s always been a silly technicality to me, given the way the shot looks. Given he was kissed on the cheek by Melody in Movie 02, it would make no sense to set up the shot like they did (bright light surrounding them, twinkling ocean behind them etc.) Misty didn’t get really angry then, for some reason, and was instead just baffled at what happened.

    As for AshxMisty, it was my first ever anime pairing I rooted for in one of the first anime I ever watched and I will never stop rooting for him. If the writers are going to use the ‘blah blah he’s ten’ defense, then AAML lovers can do the same. Afterall, there are many stories of old childhood friends reuniting when they’re older and falling in love. It can always happen. 😉

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