NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty – I’m Still Not Over It!!!

Aww yeah!! Time to get back to basic! No more rants centering around social commentary or how we need to band together as fans of anime! This is post will be a good ol’ fashion NEETaku rant, filled with both hyperbole and hilarious(IMO) jokes.

Cause quite frankly….I’M STILL NOT OVER IT, GUYS!!!

Why….OH WHY…did they have to say goodbye?!!!

I’ve never been, and probably never will be, a shipper of any kind. However, when I’m watching harem anime, or one where multiple people are romantically involved, I do find myself thinking that certain characters make for a better couple.


Random Anime Fanboy: ” Hold it right there!”

Me: ” Ugh…should have known…”

Random Anime Fanboy: ” You just described what shippers do, you hypocrite!!”


Well…sort of. I know I’ve made a huge fuss about Tomoyo/Tomoya being the better couple in Clannad, which would lead some to think I am a shipper of sorts. The difference between me and shippers is the level of investment into said pairing. I don’t go around starting flame wars on forums trying to prove why my shipping pair is superior to yours. I can live with the fact that the aforementioned duo will never be a thing because THAT’s how it was written. What I DO have issues with is when two chars are  written to have romantic feelings for one another yet NOTHING is ever done with said romance! What is the point of putting us through all that romantic tension if you’re never going anywhere with it!? It’s makes as much sense as a one-armed man in a boxing match!!

Come on, man!! Just look at how perfect a couple they make!!

Unlike most “couples” in anime or Disney movies, Ash and Misty never showed any serious feelings for one another when they first met. Their love was one that bloomed over time as they got to know one another better and shared so many adventures together. And while Misty was the main one showing signs of infatuation/love, Ash was shown many times to be fawning over her throughout the anime as well. Many such examples can be found here, but I’ll list what I think are the biggest signs that AshxMisty were meant for one another.

All The Hints In Pokemon 2000


If you were to take Ray Charles, blindfold him, drive him out into the middle of the desert, shove him into a dark cave and leave him there to rot, he would STILL be able to friggin’ see signs of AshxMisty in this movie!! Forget the fact that Misty got super pissed when Melody kissed Ash on the cheek. She basically confessed her love for the guy during the climatic battle between the 4 legendary bird Pokemon. And who was it that dove into the water to save Ash’s butt? MISTY!! Open your eyes, people!!!

On a side note, anyone else remember when catching all 150+ Pokemon was an actual accomplishment? Oh, how naive we were back then.

Misty Chooses Ash over Rudy


In the episode ” Misty Meets Her Match”, Misty is hit on the entire episode by the gym leader Rudy. And that’s basically the entirety of the episode: Misty gets hit on by random dude that happens to be a gym leader. And no, that’s not just 4Kids messing with the dub again to make things look like something it’s not. Here’s proof from the website I linked earlier:

According to accounts of the original Japanese version, during the dance after the date, Rudy not only asked Misty to stay on the island, but to marry him. What is significant here is that Misty was actually considering his proposal, evidenced by the fact that she didn’t refuse him outright. Throughout Ash’s gym battle with Rudy, Misty is clearly torn between deciding which boy meant more to her, finally rooting for Ash in the end as Squirtle is hit by a Thunderbolt from Rudy’s Starmie. Rudy, in shock, mutters “She wants him.”

Even in the original, Japanese dub, Misty is proposed to by Rudy and asked to stay with him. And while a good 99.99999% of women would jump at the chance to date this guy, Misty blows him off and decides to stay with Ash. It’s as clear as day in both versions of the show, folks!! Misty is head over heels in love with Ash!! Pull the trigger already, Pokemon creators!!!

BUT!! If that still isn’t enough to convince you, then allow me to provide you with the penultimate piece of evidence proving that AshxMisty was always meant to be!!

Misty’s Song


maxresdefault (3)

They wrote a song about Misty confessing her feelings for Ash…

maxresdefault (3)

I said they wrote a song about Misty confessing her feelings for Ash…

maxresdefault (3)

They wrote a friggin song about Misty confessing her feelings for Ash!!!! How much proof do you need!!!??

And before people say that this was written by 4Kids and not “canon”, allow me to remind you that the Japanese ending theme for Pokemon 2000 was called ” Toi et Moi”, a love ballad that is sung from Misty’s perspective!! Even in the unaltered, original Japanese version of the anime it’s clear that this pairing was meant to be canon. But no…we never got it. We were never rewarded with a confession or even a kiss on the cheek. They just scrapped the whole idea because Ash is 10 and kids don’t like romance and he’d be getting new companions each season and  blah blah blah…..Basically because of BS.

More like never together at all!!

It’s sad that no matter how much evidence there is, AshxMisty will never be a thing, at least so far. Maybe some time down the road there’ll be a reunion and they will finally hook up, but it ain’t looking good so far, folks.

So until something miraculous happens, this is Just…My 2 Cents!!

12 thoughts on “NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty – I’m Still Not Over It!!!

  1. Clearly I never paid enough attention to Pokemon. I think I’ve only watched a handful of episodes in their entirety and watched bits and pieces of others. I kind of always saw Misty as an annoying older sister to Ash. still, this is a fairly strong argument. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Not even a peck on the cheek? Bah, these two have no future. In one of the newer shows Ash gets a goodbye kiss from the female traveling companion.

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  3. […] NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty – I’m Still Not Over It!!!– This post comes from NEETaku of Just… My 2 Cents! Have I mentioned how much I love NEETaku and their rants? Because I frickin’ love NEETaku’s rants!!! In this post NEETaku covers a topic that I have been raging over since I was a kid and that’s the whole Ash/Misty romance fiasco from pokemon! So, if like me you are still salty that Ash and Misty never ended up as a couple, this is the post for you!! Bonus Points: I highly recommend reading the follow-up post NEETaku Rants: AshxMisty Extra Credit, trust me… […]

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  4. I wanna tell you how I’m feeling but I don’t know how to start~ I love Misty’s song. And yes they are so OTP because any other companion they throw in after Misty who “has a crush on Ash” is just piggy backing off of Ash’s feelings for Misty ugh. So mad they haven’t gotten together!

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