NEETaku Catches Up On Things

Sooooo…..between a much, much….MUCH needed Spring Break…


And an impromptu vacation visiting a family I haven’t seen in a long time, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything blog related outside of viewing a few posts here and there. But, things have finally started to slow down again and I’m fully focused on blogging now. But, before I get back to posting, there’s something that happened during my hiatus that I want to address.

Back to the grind, baby!!

Some time during the this month someone, somewhere, absolutely blew up my blog!! And when I say they blew it up, I mean they went full on nuclear on it!! You see, my previous record for views on my blog was 87, which happened quite some time ago. Then. on April 10th, the views began pouring in like crazy until the record was broken by 1. I thought to myself ” Well, I did just make a new post, so I’m getting a lot of traffic“. Β When I looked closer, however, I saw that literally 83 of those views came from the country of Switzerland.

And that…was just the beginning folks…

On the very next day, the very record that had just been set was friggin’ obliterated!! It jumped from 88 to 129, with 118 of those views coming from Switzerland again! I watched this happen real-time and my mouth was left agape the entire time. Then, on the 12th, this super viewer pumped in 42 of 52 views. THEN on the 13th, they put in 87 of the 92 views on my site!! This viewing party all ended on the 14th where this person made up for 56 of the 68 views.




The only things I know about Switzerland is that they are neutral, make excellent chocolate and that it’s the home of the greatest tennis player ever Roger Federer. Not saying that anime isn’t possibly popular there, but I sure as heck didn’t expect all of those views to come from there! I don’t know who you are, mystery viewer from Switzerland, but all I can say is: THANK YOU!!!


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