NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Ultra Violence vs Over Sexulization

Disclaimer: Violent images will be shown in this post. Just a heads up for squeamish people like me.

Hang on….hang on….just need to find the right meme for this….

Morgan Freeman
There we go,

Just so we’re one the same page, this is ok:


But this is not:



I’m sorry. I just need a bit more clarification. THIS is ok:


But THIS isn’t:



Please tell me I’m not the only one that sees the hypocrisy in all of!! Are you trying to tell me that you’re totally fine with seeing someone being beheaded, cut in half and maimed, but anything involving sex is where you draw the line? Apparently, at least in the western world, that is exactly what people are saying.

And don’t act like this is just something that SJWs have been crying about for the last couple of years. This is a phenomenon that has been occurring since like the 80s/90s where movies like Rambo/The Terminator & games like Mortal Kombat/Killer Instinct were glorified, but let a video game/movie show nudity or anything sexual and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ignorant of the fact that cultural and religious differences exist. Those things notwithstanding, I’m sure at the very basic human level we can all agree that one taboo is not greater than the other. If you’re bothered by breasts being shown in a movie/TV show/video then you should be just as bothered watching a guy get ripped in half. Just saying.

To make up for all the blood and guts.

Another thing that bothers me about this topic is how someone can question another person’s maturity just because they don’t like ultra violence. How does you being able to stomach watching a movie like Kill Bill make you more adult than me? Where is it written that, as an adult, I have to be able to tolerate watching someone’s head being sliced clean off and a gusher of spewing out from it? That is just as dumb as when guys bully another dude for not being ecchi anime. Oh yeah, cause me not desiring to see the female form grotesquely shoved in my face over and over and over again makes me less of a man.


Am I saying that people who do enjoy these sorts of things are wrong or inhuman? Not at all. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy in their arguments when it comes to violence vs sex. You can’t have it both ways, folks! The Western world has no right to chastise countries like Japan for being more comfortable nudity & sex when we glorify ultra violence. All it does is make us look stupid. Don’t throw stones from a glass house is all I’m saying.

I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

6 thoughts on “NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Ultra Violence vs Over Sexulization

  1. So glad I found your blog! I love this! Youre right on the money to be honest and like you said, there are various religious and cultural beliefs that probably effect there views to a large degree, but the one thing i cant tolerate is some chastising another person for the things they enjoy. Thanks for your 2 cents!

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  2. Speaking for myself, personally, ultra violence and over sexualization are simply different things, therefore they warrant being treated differently.

    Ultra violence, for instance, is something generally unpleasant and to be avoided, but which can, with great care, be used to further the story and its meaning. Violence is something that isn’t or shouldn’t be a secret, not when it’s fictitious and certainly not when it’s real. We can’t simply avoid it, and neither should we. When we see it, there must be a reaction, and that is what ultra violence caters to: the need to react. There is something very basic and important to our humanity in how we respond to someone getting hurt.

    Over sexualization is also something to avoid, but for different reasons. Where violence can be used to further the story, I cannot think of even one example where sexualization does so. Where violence is something that we should see and people are trying to hide it, sexual behavior is something better left in private and people are going to great lengths to make it public (such as the animation that takes painstaking hours of time and effort to create). Where violence touches on our human need to react for or against someone else, sexualization serves only base gratification. Finally, where seeing someone get hurt demands the reaction of human compassion, an act that validates their humanity in our eyes, objectifying someone sexually is an act of dehumanization. On some level, they become slightly less of a person and slightly more a collection of appealing body parts. To so such, with so much effort, by making public what is private, and without even serving the story in some way… well, small wonder some people react more strongly against sexualization than they do against violence.

    Now, of course, it is ridiculous to treat violence and sexualization so differently that the one gets carte blanche and the other is entirely taboo. It’s certainly foolish, even hypocritical, to preach about ether while ignoring the other. Whatever differences there are between them, there is one similarity: it’s easy to have too much of them. They should both be used with a good deal more restraint.

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  3. I don’t think being able to stomach violence or sexualization has anything to do with anyone’s maturity or ‘adultness’. It’s just a matter of preference and you’re right, to condemn one while lauding the other is kinda ridiculous and hypocritical.

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    • That’s another thing that bugs the crap out of me! We try to keep our kids from being exposed to inappropriate content, but somewhere along the way that was turned towards glorifying the material in question. I mean, if kids can’t handle it, the argument goes, but adults can, then surely this behavior makes you more “adult,” more of a “man,” more of a “grown up,” right? Uh, no, wrong. It’s true that kids aren’t ready for it, but they generally aren’t ready for quantum physics either. That doesn’t mean it’s more “adult,” it just means there’s a gap to bridge first.

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