NEETaku Rants: Sword Art Online – It Never Ends Pt. 2


Huh? Oh, sorry….just getting a few last hits in on this horse. One sec…


Ok! I’m good! On with the post!


Last time I mentioned that some of the issues with Kirito can be attributed to the premise of SAO. Or rather, the poor execution of the premise the creators had in mind for the show. Like .hack before it, the show establishes early on (very well I might add) that it’s a trap in a MMO/death game sort of show.  If the players are killed in-game, they die in real life…yadda yadda. Even critics of the show can agree that the first 10 or so episodes of the show were really amazing. It gave off an air of suspense and danger, like there was actually something at stake ala Battle Royale. But, somewhere a down the line, the death game premise became about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Oh sure, 1000s of people died within the first month or so of the players being trapped in the game, but the majority of them were off-screen. On top of that those deaths belonged to people we didn’t give  a crap about in the first place! Oh, there was the Sachi chick that was there for one episode, and that creepy looking bodyguard guy, but none of them really played all that much significance to the overall plot. But what about the main group of heroes? Klein, Kirito, Asuna, the random black guy, the Loli and the blacksmith chick (I forget names. SUE ME!). None of them even came that close to dying for real. Ok yeah, “technically” both Kirito and Asuna both “died” towards the end of the first half, but they also resurrected themselves through sheer force of will! They overrode the very rules of the death game simply by NOT wanting to die. You know..cause NONE OF THE OTHER PLAYERS wanted to live as much as them!!

Simply put, the death game aspect of Sword Art Online was stripped of its bite due to no one of significance actually dying.


Another issue I have with the overall premise of SAO, and one no one really talks about, is the fact that the show is basically false advertisement. It tried to convince everyone that it was some grand trapped in a MMO/psychological thriller when, at the end of the day, it was merely just another harem show in disguise. Like meeting the chick you swiped right on and finding out she’s not a size 3 after all. Lying, catfishing heifer….

All the hallmarks of the typical harem anime are all there:

  • The “blank slate” MC who’s shoes we’re supposed to step into (Kirito)
  • The main chick the MC is supposed to hook up with, who also doubles as the token tsundere in this instance (Asuna
  • The comic relief best friend ( Klein)
  • The Loli (Silica. Found her name xD )
  • The tomboy chick ( Lisbeth)
  • The step sister char for those who like taboo things…*shudders* (Suguha)
  • And the mascot whose sole purpose is to be around and be cute ( Yui)
Present and accounted for!

Ask both fans and critics alike and they’ll tell you the harem aspects within this show are strong, especially in the second half of season one. But even then the shows drops the ball with all of it!! With any harem the viewer is supposed to be made to believe that any of the girls/guys has a chance to land the main character, no matter how much of a long shot it may be. Clannad would be a perfect example of this with only a few exceptions. SAO, however, makes it known from the moment that Asuna and Kirito lock eyes that any other girl that shows has ZERO chance. Sure they all get their own little story arcs, but they are almost immediately resigned to the ” Scorned Lovers” club the minute it ends. But, to be fair, were any of those other chicks really all that interesting outside of the tropes they were meant to fill?

We must save my family!! (kudos to those who get that.)

Welp, as much fun as it was beating this dead horse once again, I’d still say SAO is worth watching. Whether you watch it to mock it or seriously give it a chance, you will find something about it that pulls you in. I myself couldn’t find such a thing, but maybe you can. Either way, just enjoy it if you do. I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

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