NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Oh, Internet…You Never Disappoint.

For all the guff that social media and the Internet in general gets, there are times where it throws you a pearl of just pure hilarity. As bloggers on WordPress, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the ” Search Terms” section of the Statistics page. That little section that displays the keywords typed into a search engine that lead someone to your post/page. Ever since I’ve noticed that section I have been on the look out for the weirdest, craziest, most mind-boggling search terms that could lead to one of my posts. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve done just that today!

One moment….want to make sure I read this right…

Upon logging into my account and checking my views, I noticed that someone had viewed my post on 6 WTH moments in anime. Naturally I looked down to the ” Search Terms” section to see if anything was there, and this is what I came across:

”¬†anime breast exploding scene”


” Anime Breast Exploding Scene”







Ha ha…haha…HAHA…



I mean….I mean WHAAT EVEN?!! After I calmed down from laughing I read over my post and realized that it was the Matrix Boobs scene from High School of the Dead that might’ve caused them to find my page. But, that only makes me wonder what exactly were they looking for!! I dare not look it up myself due to me not wanting to see any sort of gore, but curiosity just has me!!

Whooo!! Oh man….Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s seen something weird in the ” Search Terms” section. Please…PLEASE…let me know of any weird things you’ve seen in it down below!

I’m NEETaku and if you’ll excuse me, I need to deal with my sides hurting from laughing too hard!! XD


7 thoughts on “NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Oh, Internet…You Never Disappoint.

  1. It might have been Queen’s Blade they were looking for. Never watched the anime, but I saw the first episode (I think) and it involved a female fighter whose weapon was something that shot out of her nipples, so her opponent used something to block them up, so instead of expelling anything, they just grew and grew and grew until they were bigger than a freaking castle before exploding. …I think it was something like that. I’m sure you can guess why I didn’t bother watching further.

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