NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Why Do You Like Me?

Hey guys, let’s get serious for a moment. As anibloggers we all strive to get better. I’m sure if we really sit back and look at how we began, we can see that we’ve grown quite a bit from then. It’s The same with me, especially since I’ve only been doing this for roughly 2 years. So, my fellow bloggers, my question to you is: Why do you like my blog?

Now I know that may seem like a loaded question when you take into account that you don’t know the person behind the blog all that well. You only know me though my writing and comments. The reason I ask this question is, in the beginning, any new post I published took days to get views and weeks before getting comments. But now, my posts get at least 10 views the same day it gets released. Clearly something had changed between then and now and that’s what I want to know. Why do you come back to read what I type?

Of course I can’t accept the good without the accepting the bad as well. On top of telling me what you like, I want to know on what areas I can improve. What would you like me to blog about one and a while? What can I do to make your experience reading my posts better?


I’m really hoping to get major feedback on this one, guys and gals. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the comments. I’d really appreciate it. :3

10 thoughts on “NEETaku Goes Off-Topic: Why Do You Like Me?

  1. I like that your writing is easy to read, has good flow, and it feels like your personality comes through it what you are saying (it doesn’t seem stilted or fake). I also like that some of your posts, while they initially look a bit like a rant, actually make a fairly good point.

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