Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

This…this post right here…This is going to be a weekly thing.

I’ve become way too lazy as of late and my blog has suffered. So, as a way to get my act together, I’m making this particular Top 6 list a weekly event in order for me to spend more time making this blog enjoyable for all you good people out there.

Ok! Now that that’s been established, let’s talk about dumb moments in anime, cause there’s been a ton of them over the years!! Whether it’s a scene, character, plotline or just a line of dialogue, there have been many a moment while watching anime where we’ve either wanted to pull our hair out or throw a brick into our TV/computer screen. And today I’m going to be ranting about 6 out of those millions of moments. Starting with:


#6 Kirito and Asuna’s “Happiness”( Sword Art Online)


Apparently Kirito being an omnipotent god capable of not only surviving being attacked by 7 other players, coming back from death TWICE and making every girl who he meets want to jump his bones wasn’t enough for lil ol’ Kawahara. Nonononono…NO!! He had to also add to that mountain of not making sense the fact that Kirito and Asuna were deemed by Yui, an AI meant to aid with and track player happiness, the ONLY people to experience happiness in the 2 years they were trapped in the game.


You mean to tell me that out of the thousands of players trapped in that game, including the ones that got freakin’ married, none of them were ever as happy as two characters who started out hating one another!? I…I just…next number!!!


#5 Kuroyukihime Getting Hit By That Car ( Accel World)


Ok, I actually like this show a lot, but that chick has the most annoyingly difficult name to spell ever!!

Anyways, this moment made no sense even in the real of the friggin’ anime! Both Kuro and Haru are playing a game where they are already moving faster than humans are capable of. On top of that, she goes into this ” Full Physical Burst” deus ex machina mode that amplifies her already super human speed to save Haru from an oncoming car….but not herself!!? How is that even a thing?! She’s literally moving double the speed a human can go! She should have been able to not get hit too.

And speaking of people NOT moving out of the way…

#4 Goku & Piccolo Forgetting How To Dodge (Dragon Ball Z)



Ok, let’s tackles the most obvious one first. Piccolo…THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING, MAN!? Nappa’s ki blast was not that fast, and he openly acknowledged that he was going to attack Gohan. On top of that, even after to idiotically threw yourself in front of the attack, you still had a few seconds to grab Gohan and get the heck out of there. SO WHY DIDN’T YOU DODGE!? I mean yeah he would’ve died eventually given the situation, but at least he would’ve lasted until Goku got there! Who knows…he might’ve actually be of use with Vegeta.

Then there’s Goku who, lets be honest, was in a more difficult situation than Piccolo. His ribs were broken and his power reserves were pretty much drained by the time he put Raditz in that full nelson. Still, if he had enough energy left in the tank to hold someone way stronger than him down, he had enough to leap out of the way right before the Special Beam Cannon hit Raditz and killed the guy. It would’ve been a rather difficult feat to pull off, but Goku’s known for doing the impossible.


#3 Tenchi Awakens Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)



So let me get this straight. For years now you’ve heard about a demon that lays dormant in a cave not too far from where you live. On top of that, your grandfather, the owner of the shrine you work at, tells you time and time again not to go in it because the demon might wake up. And…you decided to go in there anyways…because….?

Because nothing!! There is no logical reason for going into a cave that house a friggin intergalactic demon!! What part of demon did you have trouble understanding, Tenchi!? I see why no one needs you! You’d probably open up the gates of Hades if given the chance!!


#2 Heero Yuy Self Destructing ( Gundam Wing )


OK! TIME OUT!  Just time right the heck out!!!

Heero Yuy is supposed to be the ultimate piloting genius, right? He’s the guy who, other than Trowa, was literally raised to be a soldier. A walking, talking killing machine. So, explain to me how he thought blowing himself up would be a good idea!!? Ok fine, he killed the wrong guy and found out he was basically playing into Treize’s hands. I get that. But there are soooooooooo many better solutions I could think of other than BLOWING YOURSELF AND YOUR GUNDAM TO SMITHEREENS!!! 

And what makes this scene even dumber is that it amounted to nothing! Treize still took over the government and the war went on. Just like Vegeta in the Majin Buu saga, Heero’s sacrifice meant jack squat!!


#1 Reloading With Your Boobs (Grenadier)


* Sighs heavily.*

Where do I even begin with this one?

First off…I’ve already developed an involuntary eye twitch when it comes to anything involving anime, guns and a chick’s breasts.

Second, how do the bullets even stay tucked in between her cleavage all day long!? Given how easily she can simply fling them up out of her top they can’t be stuck in there tightly!

Third, each of those bullets are flung up in the air in a vertical manner in various directions, and yet somehow how she’s able to swing her gun in a horizontal manner and load each one into the barrel of that revolver! HOOOOOOWWW!!!?

Fourth, why doesn’t she just carry more than one gun!!? She could just pull out the secondary one as she’s reloading the first one with a more conventional procedure. That way, she wouldn’t NEED to travel around with bullets snug between her breasts!!

I think this scene might actually top the Matrix boobs….ughh…

I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!


9 thoughts on “Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

  1. 6: Technically, they didn’t actually hate each other at all, and when Yui took note of them, it had nothing to do with them being a couple. She noticed them before they coupled up, after all.
    5: Can’t speak on, haven’t seen the anime past the first episode, though my understanding was that they were only thinking a thousand times faster than things were happening, not actually moving faster. Was that wrong?
    4: This is the franchise that extended five minutes into ten episodes. I think we can safely assume that Piccolo did *not* just stand there for “several seconds.” 😉
    As for Goku, I think this might be the only time in DBZ he was willing to see someone dead. Not only was it to protect his son, but it was right after he’d dropped the ball once already. There is no way Goku would let him go again, and no way he’d be able to get out of the way without letting Raditz out of the way as well. And, really, Goku’s never been unwilling to die for others, so…
    3: Possibly because it’s just an old story and there’s no such thing as demons? 😉
    2: Heero’s self-destruct had nothing to do with what he’d just done. The point was to stop fighting and protect the colonies from immediate retaliation *without* giving them the Gundam. Glorious failure, perhaps, as Zechs managed to secretly repair it anyway, but the point still stands.
    1: …agreed. While the bit about using a second gun while simultaneously reloading doesn’t make much sense, this one still stands.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 6. But how could Yui deem them the only people who were happy when other people have gotten married waaay before them?! XD It still makes no sense!!

      5. I think it was a combination of both of them, but you may be right about that. Been a while since I’ve watched the show

      4. I still think Goku could’ve avoided it. I know he wanted Raditz dead, but his sacrifice just seemed avoidable.

      3. Hey. Fake or not, I don’t mess with demons period!! XD You tell me something like that’s in that cave and I don’t go to that cave!!

      2. I could think of better ways to stop the fighting besides blowing myself up!! Lol Just saying

      Liked by 1 person

      • 6. It had nothing to do with them getting married.

        2. The self-destruct was not to stop the fighting, it was to not surrender the Gundam. Not quite a effective as hoped, though.


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