Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

Like I said: A weekly event! Here’s another round of moments in anime that caused us to question why we even watch this junk. Starting with:


#6 That Vikings Joke (Pokemon: The First Movie)





I get that this was back in the 90s where dubbing companies were still trying to “westernize” anime for people NOT living in Japan, but even as a kid this was just paaaiiiinnnful. I think I remember chuckling at it maybe once, but ever since then I’ve thought that it was too cheesy even for me. The heck were you thinking, Warner Bros.?!!


#5 Yugi Giving Weevil His Exodia Cards (Yu Gi Oh)

Let’s see if you can swim, Exodia!!

Yugi…you knew who Weevil was even before you met him! You knew his reputation! You knew the type of personality he possessed! So why…in the name of all that his good and decent..would you just hand the guy your most powerful cards!!? In what way did you think that was a good idea!?

Even if Yugi had just met the guy, does THIS look like the face of a person you can trust?!


Oh yeah…this guy would NEVER do anything like throw your cards into the ocean

And speaking of people who are faaarr too trusting.


#4 Goku Lets Go Of Raditz’s Tail



* Inhales deeply.*

The guy shows up, tail slaps your best friend through a house, knees you in the stomach, kidnaps your son, threatens to blow up the planet, shoots off Piccolo’s arm, kicks your butt for like…3 episodes….and you STILL allow him to trick you into thinking he was going to change!!?


THIS! THIS is why I can’t stand most main characters in shone series!! It’s one thing to have a good heart and believe in giving second chances. It’s a WHOLE different thing to be friggin’ moron and let a guy who’ll NEVER change trick you!!! You deserved that hole in your chest, Goku!!


#3 Hikaru Being Caught Toya (Hikaru no GO)


First off, if you’ve never seen this series, stop what you’re doing and watch it now! Seriously…GO WATCH IT!! It’s highly underrated for it’s story and comedy. You won’t regret!

Second, if you’re going to go through the trouble of trying to hide your identity from someone, you might not want to sit by a window on the off-chance that person happens to walk by!! Seriously! There were like plenty of computers in the back of that cafe. You could’ve chosen any one of them for Pete’s sake! Then you wouldn’t have had that awkward moment when Toya found you playing there. THIIINNKKK!!


#2 Yusuke Being A Demon (Yu Yu Hakusho)


The 4 Saint Beasts Arc? Awesome!

The Dark Tournament? Awesome!

Yusuke vs Toguro? Even more awesome!!

Yusuke vs Saikyo?! Awww man!! I’m still geeking out of over that…


Yusuke’s was part demon the whole time?! What?! Why would you do that to him?! The reason we liked him so much was because he was a human being taking on all of those ultra powerful demons!! He was basically doing things humans weren’t supposed to be capable of. THAT’S why we thought he was cool!! Man!! That was such a disappointment when I first saw that, ad it still is to this day!


#1 Shishio Doesn’t Die From The Gatotsu (Rurouni Kenshin)


Are you kidding me?!



The attack that grove a full-grown man through a brick wall and multiple doors, split a turtle shell that is reinforced by steel and can match Kenshin’s ultimate technique in terms of power can’t cut through a thin, metal headband!?? WHAT THE HECK, MAN?! I mean there’s plot armor, and then there’s plot armor. But this…this is like having plot armor made up of mithril, adamantium and vibranium!! Not that I would’ve like to see it, but Shishio’s head should have friggin EXPLODED from that attack. So…soooooo stupid!!!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!!


6 thoughts on “Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

  1. 6: Agreed.
    5: Agreed.
    4: …agreed, with the caveat that almost every friend Goku makes is an enemy first, and he’s stupid naive to boot, so his reluctance to kill the brother he just learned he had might be the most forgivable of his stupidities.
    3: Not familiar with it, but generally agreed.
    2: Agreed.
    1: I seem to recall the situation surrounding Saito’s Gatotsu being a little different from that, especially in regards to that opening blow being just a regular one and not the Zero stance one. But the point more or less stands, a simple steel band around the forehead should not have worked like that.

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