NEETaku Makes An Announcement!!

Guys…the last month has been rough…

Had to put my laptop in the shop.

Had to go find a new job cause my old one ended (Summer break and what not).

Got laid off from the new job during training (Don’t want to talk about it).

And I’ve been neglecting my blog due to a combination of being depressed and writer’s block. Like I said…it’s been rough.

Me right now.

But!! As I was thinking about how to get out of these doldrums, I tried to remember a time where I had put tons of effort into writing and reading blog posts on here. And then it hit: It was when I did the 30 Day Anime Challenge! During that time I was on fire when it came to all aspects of blogging and enjoyed myself more than I ever had while doing it. So. I’ve decided to do that all over again in hopes of breathing new life into my blogging. But…it’s not going to be just any kind of 30 day challenge. It’s going to be:

30 Day Anime Challenge


That’s right, folks!! I created a 30 Day Anime Challenge of my own! And not only am I going to do it, I want YOU to do it as well!! Whether it’s 1, 2 or even 10 people, I want to do this challenge other people in the hopes of building a habit in me of checking this blog on a daily basis. It’s for my benefit and yours!

If you do wish to participate, let me know in the comments section. Mostly likely I’ll be starting things off on Thursday with my very first post. Thanks in advance for those who decide to give it a whirl!!


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