NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Anime

Welcome to the first day of the NEETaku 30 Day Anime Challenge!!


Before I begin with today’s post, though, I want to point out that I I will be tweeking that image of the prompts for each day. I will NOT have my precious creation marred by spelling errors!! xD With that out of the way, on with the challenge!!!

Cliques were a big thing back in the 80s/90s in the USA and still are to a certain extent these days. Even among the fans of the budding anime industry there were groups that mostly watched certain genres of anime. You had your mech lovers, the shoujo fangirls, the shonen fanboys and those who watched the more violent shows that were brought over. But, like me, there was always that one or two shows that you watched and NEVER told your buddies about for fear of either being kicked out of the group or made fun of. For me, those shows were:




That’s right! While I openly engaged in conversations about DBZ and G Gundam with my friends, I would secretly wake up early in the morning or hurry home from school to make sure I didn’t miss the latest episode of the penultimate “chick” anime of the 90s. And the funny thing is..these are the only “girl’s ” anime I’ve ever watched! I never truly got into the magical girl fandom or watched any other shojo type anime beyond Sailor Moon or Cardcaptors.

I don’t know what it was about these anime that kept me coming back for more like Dragon Ball or Shaman King. Maybe it was the kick butt dub opening themes or the monster of the week type story they portrayed. Or maybe it was the fact that I was a boy and the shows featured cute girls. xD

Seriously though…this is my BAE!! <3333

Regardless of the reason, I can honestly say I’ve never once regretted watching them to this day…though I won’t admit that in court!

So, what show/shows have you watched and hidden that fact from your friends? Let me know in the comments below. I’m NEETaku and we’re just getting started, baby!!


6 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Anime

  1. Hmm…. Guilty pleasure, huh?
    Every time I hear that phrase a title pops into my head, like a reflex; that anime is Kiss x sis. Well, do I need to explain why? XD
    But seriously, apart from the bad animation, irritating OP/EDs, almost hentai scenes and really really bad plot……. It’s a good anime ^^ (Provided if there are any other fields that depends the rating of a series). Jokes apart, I really enjoy this anime…. Maybe because of incest? Who knows. But if asked to talk about it in front of other peeps (Excluding this blogging community), I would pass.

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