NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3: Anime That Overstayed Its Welcome

There are many anime out there that leave you wanting more like Gargantia or Hajime No Ippo. And then there are anime you wish would end right after the very first episode, like Ikki Tousen or Eromanga Sensei.

Yeah I said it! Fight Me!! XD

Some shows need 40+ episodes to fully flesh out their plot/story, while others should only take about half of that. My choice for the anime that overstayed its welcome falls into the latter category. What show is?


Man OH man did this show ever drag on. For as much padding as DBZ or Bleach had in their runs, at least something of significance happened by the end of most episodes. But with Inuyasha I feel like the creators of show were prolonging things just for the sake of prolonging them! Every “filler” episode had very little to do with the overarching plot and felt totally unnecessary to the point of being insulting. They were all in a hurry to stop Naraku from getting all the jewel shards, yet they stop time and time again to have picnics!! What the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS?!

Even the non filler episodes felt somewhat pointless. The constant back and forth between Kagome, Inuyasha and Kikyo was ssooooooooooooo annoying!! All 3 of them knew it was Naraku that caused all the ruckus between Kikyo & Inuyasha in the past, so why the heck do they keep going on and…on…and on…and ON about it!!! on top of that…what was the guy so indecisive about? Just look at Kagome:


Her face is so generic looking. It looks like every other bland, uninteresting female face from that time period. She has NOTHING on Kikyo in terms of beauty, as well as not having the type of deep bond the other two had. It should’ve been a no contest sort of deal. But derpy derp!! We all had to sit through 90 episodes of back and forth between the trio. Gag me with a friggin spoon!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!! Let me know the anime you chose down below!!


3 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3: Anime That Overstayed Its Welcome

  1. Oh yes, this show definitely dragged on. There are great swathes of the middle that we can just skip over without really missing anything (I know because that’s exactly what I accidentally did). It’s all extended drama and overly complicated plots and… more extended drama.

    I do disagree about Kikyo though. While I never really shipped Kagome and the mutt-face (you can probably tell I liked Koga the wolf better, but I think he did better than Kagome in the end), I don’t really see the appeal of woman who, let’s see… tried to take her lover to Hell with her… feeds on human souls to maintain her existence… is rather cruel and manipulative herself, not to mention ruthless and cold-hearted… yeah, I think I’d stay well away from Kikyo, myself. 😉 Sango, now, Sango’s much more my kinda girl! 🙂

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