Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

With all the excitement about the 30 Day Challenge, I almost forgot about putting out this post. As stated before, I want to make this a weekly thing…though there will be a slight change. As crazy as it may seem, I’ve actually been having trouble coming up with dumb moments to list! Crazy, right? So I’ve decided to make putting out a Top 6 List a weekly event, whether it contains dumb moments in anime or not. Maybe that will allow me some time to think more stupid moments.

With that being said, let’s get done to discussing today’s list. Starting with:

#6 Bulma Not Knowing She Wasn’t Wearing Panties (Dragon Ball)


Putting on underwear is a daily ritual for a good percentage of the world. So how is it that Bulma, a person of high intelligence, couldn’t 2 & 2 together and realize she was going commando!? Even if she was distracted by Goku’s ranting, she would’ve easily noticed a breeze blowing around her nether regions when she stepped outside! I’ve gone commando once before and let me tell you: You definitely notice the difference. She only has herself to blame for showing off the goods to Master Roshi.


#5 Everyone Letting Blackbeard Steal Whitebeard’s Powers (One Piece)


What is it with anime characters just standing around when bad stuff is going down!? I get hat a battle the likes of which had never happened before just finished up and Ace just bit the big one, but things had quieted down by the time this joker showed up to the party. Even if the Navy couldn’t give a crap what one pirate did to another, there we STILL plenty of Whitebeard pirates hanging around the place. You mean to tell me that not ONE of them would stop this coward from desecrating their former boss’ corpse? I find that extremely hard to believe. And because of that one of the worst villains in the show has two awesome powers he doesn’t deserve.


#4 Random Thug Attemptimg To Fight Seijuro Hiko (Samurai X)


Not going to show to actual scene cause it’s extremely graphic and disturbing. I’d rather not have that image in my head when I try to sleep tonight, lol. Regardless, what the actual heck was that random guy in the beginning of Samurai X thinking? You literally just saw your entire band of marauders get utterly pwned by this one mountain of a man, yet you thought you had a shot against him one on one? Are you kidding?! This is Seijuro Muthaluvvin’ Hiko! Not even Kenshin could take this guy down with the strongest attack in the entire series! And what did that random thug get for his “bravery”? Being disintegrated.

Like literally disintegrated. Like Seijuro basically turned into a human blender and diced the guy up into oblivion in a matter of seconds. See why I didn’t want to show an actual video of the scene?


#3 Yugi Falling For Kaiba’s Trick ( Yu Gi Oh)


Yugi…have you NOT been on an island for days, if not months, playing Duel Monsters on gigantic dueling machines? Have you not seen those same virtual reality shards fly by not only your face, but the faces of your opponents? Did you fall from your podium when those shards flew by? Did any of your opponents? you didn’t. So:


Did you let Kaiba trick you into thinking he would lose his balance when those same, harmless shards flew by? There was NO evidence in the past that could lead you to think they posed any threat to his safety! And not only that…IT’S FRIGGIN’ KAIBA!! Why would you trust anything that guy told you?! Moron!


#2 Satoshi’s Death (Michiko to Hatchin)

What a waste of a character

Really? This is the guy that Michiko was a afraid of This is the guy that supposedly ran the biggest syndicate around the country? This is the guy who strikes fear in the hearts of people by the simple mention of his name?


With all the great characters the show possesses, I would’ve thought the creators would put a bit more effort in the main Big Bad of the series. But Satoshi didn’t feel special to me at all. Nothing he did or said distinguished him from any of the other baddies Michiko went up against. And then the guy ends up getting killed by some nobodies in an alley. What the heck?!


#1 The Boob Squeeze (High School Of The Dead)



Saeko…the toughest, strongest and most ruthless of the surviving group of students suddenly has a mental breakdown in the middle of fighting the zombie horde…..and the show’s creators decided the best way to bring her back to her senses…was to do this












8 thoughts on “Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History

  1. 6: Agreed.
    5: Technically, things were still pretty hectic, even and especially as things devolved into a retreat, and Blackbeard’s men were standing guard, so it wouldn’t have been that easy.
    4: Haven’t seen, can’t comment on.
    3: I’m fairly certain it didn’t have anything to do with “shards.” This wasn’t the arena-based method, but either way, when a monster is destroyed, it evidently does something to the air around it, things blow, it happens pretty much every time. That was the pretext Kaiba used. Whether or not that really happens, Kaiba was willing to die with his brother’s life at stake. So, the threat was very real.
    2: …there was a *lot* of stupidity in that show.
    1: …………….. not like that show ever failed to shoe-horn in the fanservice, most especially where it didn’t belong and made the least amount of sense possible, but… still ………….

    Liked by 1 person

    • 5. Even taking that into account, at least one person could’ve at least tried something, even if it didn’t do much

      4. I’d recommend it, but not sure how you feel about gore.

      3. Yeah but… It’s Kaiba. No one should ever trust that guy.

      2. The ending was especially stupid compared to the rest of the show.

      1. This is the show that showed a girl’s panties while she was being eaten by zombies. None of it made sense

      Liked by 1 person

      • 4: I try to avoid gore, though it can work on a case by case basis.
        3: His brother can certainly trust him with his life.
        2: Yep.
        1: Yep.


  2. Interesting choices.

    The Kaiba one is more of a dub issue though. In the original Japanese version he simply threatens to jump off the edge and commit suicide if Yugi doesn’t throw the duel, which is far less dumb.

    Sadly the dub changed this to “the blast might send me falling” or some silly thing like that.

    Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh did it better 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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