NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4: Biggest Difference Between Dubbed & Subbed Version Of An Anime

This might not seem like a big deal given that most dubbing companies make very minor changes to the original format, but a lot of them in the past, most notably 4Kids, did a lot of…alterations to shows in order to make them more palatable for Western audiences. Whether it was translating jokes/puns to fit the language better or censoring things, there was no limit to what companies would rework to fit their target audience. There are two particular differences I wish to discuss today. Both of which come from two very familiar shonen/shoujo shows. The first one being:

Goku being Voiced By A Woman In The Japanese Dub


No offense to Masako Nozawa, but why was she chosen to voice adult Goku? I can understand her doing kid Goku, but certainly not a full-grown man. From what I can gather the reason for this was that, since Goku still has a child like spirit, it made sense to have him still voiced by her. Another reason is that Japanese fans are more resistant to change and it would’ve turned people off to hear such an iconic character have a different voice. And while I can understand the first one, the second doesn’t make sense. Voices change, people! It only makes sense that he’d have a different voice and a new VA. Not all change is bad! I will never get used to Goku screaming in that voice. Again…no offense.


Zoicite Being A Dude!!

Wait…this chick’s a dude?!

Yeah, color me incredibly surprised when I found out that the villainous, blond bombshell I actually had a crush on as kid was, in fact, supposed to be a guy! It’s one thing to edit out homosexual overtones like with Sailor Neptune/Uranus, but changing the gender of a character entirely?! I get that most parents might not have wanted their kids to see that sort of thing, but why change her/his gender? Why not just do the same thing like with the other gay couple? It just didn’t make sense to me. And don’t even get me started on Sailor Stars!! Still scratching my head on that one.

I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!


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