NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6: Anime You Hate, But Everyone Loves

Sword Art Online! End of Post!!



No, no, no…I wouldn’t do you guys like that. And besides, I, like you, are getting tired of people bashing SAO. There is one anime as popular, if not more, as SAO that I find myself incapable of liking. And before I reveal…I need you guys to promise that you won’t bite my head off.

…I’m serious…

My choice will literally make your blood boil with anger. So, can you please take your hands off the trigger of the gun currently in your hand? Yes…that gun…

Okay? Okay.

The anime that I hate, but everyone else loves, is:







HEY!! I thought you said we were cool!?

Please allow me to explain. Maybe “hate” is too strong of a word, cause that would lead people to think I believe Death Note is a bad anime. While I can honestly say that it’s not a bad anime, it does commit one of the biggest sins any form of media can for me: It was boring.

Now, that last line might lead people think I don’t enjoy psychological thriller type anime, which couldn’t be more wrong. Case Closed, Paranoia Agent, Wolf’s Rain & Serial Experiment Lain. All of those are thriller anime that I actually enjoyed watching. There was just something about the premise of Death Note that just never grabbed my attention. If anything, it seemed like some power fantasy written by a kid who got bullied all the time. Seriously. Some random dude finds a book that can kill people “he deems worthless”? The outcome of the show was obvious to me that I couldn’t even be bothered to watch to see if I was right.

Come on! Who wouldn’t bully this guy? Look at him!

If you like the show, that’s fine. But I for the life me can’t bring myself to enjoy it. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!!


11 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6: Anime You Hate, But Everyone Loves

  1. ROFL! Oh, an excellent choice!
    I can tell you, he didn’t use it on school bullies or anything. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever bullied him. No, he was just a self-centered megalomaniac with a god complex… or perhaps I should say a superiority complex involving a god complex. Heh.
    If you want to read my “two cents” about it, and don’t mind some spoilers:
    Short version: I liked *parts* of it, but, oy vey, I could not stand Light, and felt it wasn’t so great, really.

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