NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7: Character You Wish Had Died Instead Of The One That Did

Nooo!!! Why them?! Why not someone else!!?

Wolfwood…Lelouch…Treize Khusrenada…Maes Hughes….

There are tons of a characters that millions of people had grown to like that have been killed off at some point in their various series. And through those tears and cries of anguish, we’ve all asked those very questions. Despite that numerous options out there, there’s really only one pair of characters who should’ve switched places when it comes to biting the big one:

Kamina and Simon

Now before all of you Simon fans come out and bash me over the skull, think about it this way:

  • What if The Joker had killed Batman instead of Jason Todd?
  • What if Frodo had died along the way and Sam was tasked with destroying The Ring?
  • What if Sherlock had died and Watson was left to solve all the cases by himself?

Do you see what I’m getting at? They killed off the main hero, who every loved, and left us with the sidekick that we barely even liked! Everyone who says they liked Simon are basing that on the grown up Simon. The one that basically became Kamina 2.0. The earlier version of the guy was just a coattail rider. Someone who, while not useless, was not on the level of his much cooler, much stronger friend.

It shoulda been you!!!

Now, some of you may argue that Kamina was just a place holder for Simon. That he was just there to be the standard loudmouth, braggadocios, super strong, overconfident best friend who’s always there to have the main char’s back and aide him in battle. And that would be a very fair argument….if the anime established early on that this was Simon’s story! From the very start it was Kamina that was pushed to the forefront as if the anime was about him. Kamina was he one with the big dreams. Kamina was the one who had the ambition. Kamina was the Sun and Simon was the Moon. Who was it that took the lead in every battle before Kamina’s death? Who always took on the boss? KAMINA!! Regardless of how well done the second half of the series was, it would’ve been a whole lot better if Kamina was mourning Simon instead.


I can’t be the only one who’s thought about this. And if I’m not, let me know down below or if you have a similar duo. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!


6 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 7: Character You Wish Had Died Instead Of The One That Did

  1. I haven’t seen Gurren Lagann, so my understanding is limited, but I remember watching the first episode and just being confused by how the story was supposedly about Simon when he was clearly just being dragged along for the ride.

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