NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 8: Character That Grew On You Over Time

This is another prompt they should’ve been hard to answer, but was actually rather easy. Not only that, my choice will no doubt cause you to say “Huh?” yet again. So, who was the char that got on my nerves on the beginning and eventually won me over?


That’s right. Despite her being the “main girl”of the series, Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad got on my last nerve when I first started watching the series. She was just so bland and boring in my opinion. All the other girls seemed way more eccentric or possessed way more personality that she did. All Nagisa really had going for her was the fact she was cute and people feeling sorry for her cause she got sick.

It wasn’t until Clannad After Story that my attitude towards her started to change. I don’t know if the creators of the show were reading my mind, but they managed to actually inject Nagisa with some personality. Yeah she still had that bashful side to her, but she also was much more outspoken and outgoing. Not only that, but she was friggin funny as heck as well. I laughed at her just as much as I did Sunohara, a character solely meant for humor. The funniest scene with her was definitely the time she got drunk. Just thinking about makes me laugh out loud!

So, which char did you despise in the beginning, then ended up liking? Let me know down below. I’m NEETaku and that was Just… My 2 Cents!


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