NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10: Least Favorite Anime Cliche

Allow me to pick your brains for a moment.

Hypothetically speaking, if you found yourself in a situation where either an alien invasion or some global catastrophe just occurred, and the only to thwart this new-found threat would be gigantic robot mech suits, who would you rather have piloting said robot?

A highly trained, highly specialized military operative?


Anyone of these people? (Teenagers, not girls/women in general)

If, like me, you chose the armed soldier with years of training/service: NO FREAKING DUUHHHH!!!

No matter the threat to the planet. No matter the catastrophe. Not matter how much the World has just been screwed up. In the end, the governing body charge will always choose:


Seriously, anime industry!! I’ve been a teenager before once and let me tell you: They are not the most rational of people! They’re figedy, imbalanced, reckless, unfocused, moody and incapable of rationally thinking out the majority of situations. And you want THAT sort of creature piloting a huge mechanical monstrosity capable of leveling a city? What’s the matter with you?!

It’s Always…

I have nothing against teenagers being the protagonist of an anime. When it comes to shows in the slice of life or sports genre, I completely understand going with them as the main chars. My sole issue with this cliché is when they are put into scenarios that don’t make sense!!! How hard is it to find 5 adult soldiers out of the thousands of armed forces members capable of piloting a friggin’ mech!? Or heck, just grab some random Joe off the street and stick him in the cockpit! He can’t do any worse!!

Another thing that annoys me about the cliché is the setup up where, for the longest time, only females were capable of being pilots. Then, when the stars aligned, a rainbow shined and a leprechaun lost its pot of gold, one male is found capable of doing the job as well. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! If you want to make a harem anime, then just make one!! Just don’t try to insult us with this idiotic premise as if it makes sense! That is like hitting a hole in one blindfolded while simultaneously hitting every note on Through The Fire and Flames on the hardest setting in Guitar Hero!!


I’m NEETaku and that was Just..My 2 Cents!!



2 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10: Least Favorite Anime Cliche

  1. In fairness, Valvrave has a good explanation for this, and the Gundam franchise usually does too, usually involving either special training and/or most of the qualified adults at hand got killed off already. It is worth noting that, in Japanese culture, youths are expected to carry their own a lot sooner than they’re expected to in the West. For them, it’s not just a coming of age story, it’s a bit like when we tell stories about college students or a group of nineteen-year-old boys in full body armor. That said, it *is* often, quite plainly, ridiculous. But I suppose that’s just the nature of the beast.

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  2. I agree, the teenage mecha pilot is overdone and logically unsound in the first place. While this cliche doesn’t instantly make it a bad anime (there are some good ones out there), it has definitely been used to the point where it is almost eyeroll worthy on delivery and you just kind of have to ignore the premise and hope the story gets moving quickly before you really start to wonder why on the whole planet theey can’t find a rational adult to pilot the machine. And machines with gender preferences are even crazier.

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