NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13: Shortest Anime You’ve Enjoyed

Ya know…this is sort of a weird topic now that I think about it…for two reasons.

For starters, I’ve always sought out anime series that at least had 26 episodes to them. I’ve never gotten behind the whole ” Tell an entire narrative in 13 episodes” style of anime creation. Unless the source material only has enough for those 13 episodes, or just doesn’t get enough positive feedback, I think a series should get at least two seasons. Just seems like the fair thing to do.


Another reason for this being a troublesome topic is that I’ve only seen two extremely short anime series that I’ve actually enjoyed. And while FLCL would be the obvious choice of 90% of people, I’ve always felt like there was so much more that could be done and it left a sense of wanting with me at the end. So, what is the other show that I enjoyed just as much as FLCL?

Golden Boy! Awww Yeah!!

From its hilarious setup to its non-stop, balls to the wall style of storytelling, there was never a dull moment when I watched this series! I have never, EVER, laughed as much or as hard as I did watching all six episodes of this anime. There are soo many memorable quotes, and TONS more memorable scenes. So much so that it would do a disservice to the anime to try to list them all and spoil it.

Do yourself a favor and check this show out if you already haven’t. And make sure to bring Kleenex….cause you’ll be in tears in the very first episode. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!



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