NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 14: Anime That Was Better Than The Manga

Let’s face it: Adapting manga/comics is very tricky, and sometimes, unrewarding business.

No matter how good your intentions are, you’re always going to have naysayers criticizing your work. Some will complain about certain parts of the manga being left out, while others will moan and groan about things not in the original comic being added to help make the show longer. But, there are way more instances where a company does a great job translating manga to anime than there are bad. No matter how much you love the original source material, there’s just something about seeing your favorite character/scene actually be animated that just gives you a good, warm feeling inside.

So, which anime for me managed to surpass its manga?


When I first came across Inital D, I was immediately turned off by it. The animation style just didn’t mesh with my sensibilities at the time and I never gave it a chance. Then one day at the library, I found myself unable to decided on new manga to read and stumbled across volumes of Inital D. Figuring what the heck, I decided to give it a shot. Naturally, I became instantly hooked on the series from reading it.

And when I say hook, I mean the manga was basically a fishing hook and I was a bass struggling on the other end. My initial dislike of the art style was soon cast aside as I became enthralled by just how well the racing scenes were drawn. The use of action lines, angles and various other techniques did their job in tricking my brain into thinking those cars were actually moving. And the more I read the manga, the more I craved to see those amazing races in animated form. And when I finally got around to watching the Initial D anime, I was NOT disappointed.

Pure Perfection.

The anime blew my expectations away! It was a beautiful mixture of CGI and hand drawn animation that never felt jarring or stuttered. Every car in the show moved naturally and sounded authentic. To this day I’ve never seen a racing anime that even comes close to this show. And, as much as I loved the manga, I can never go back to reading it after watching the anime. Those still pictures just wouldn’t be enough after watching those cars drift to that thumping, techno soundtrack. Not saying the Initial D manga is bad, but the anime…the anime….ohmifreakingosh its soooooo goooooddd!!!


Do yourself a favor and watch this show. Watch it! Watch it now! DO EET!!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just….My 2 Cents!!



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