NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 16: Character Death You Didn’t Care About

Let’s be honest, folks: Not all anime characters are created equally.

No matter how much a writer tries to develop them or how well they are drawn, in the end there are just some characters that will fall by the wayside. It’s just the way things go. Not every character can have that one claim to fame or leave a mark on an audience that lasts forever. And sometimes, that includes said character being killed. That’s right, even in death, some characters can fail to leave an impression. And the character that falls into that category for me is:

Kittan Bachika from Gurren Lagann

Firstly, any character death, excluding Yoko, would’ve had little effect on us after watching Kamina die off so early.

Secondly, most people only recognize this chump as the 2nd dude to bite the dust after kissing Yoko. And honestly speaking, that would be a fair way to remember him cause he had ZERO impact on me outside of said kiss. Literally from the first moment he showed up on-screen I could tell this guy was nothing special. Nothing more than the Diet Pepsi version of Kamina, especially during the second half of the series. Everything he did Kamina either did first or did better. The only thing going for him was that he was loud and was loyal to the core group. Heck! Even his sisters, who were meant to be throwaway characters, had a deeper impact on the story than him!

There’s a reason he’s in the background, folks!

Kinon became an overly devoted Rossiu fan girl, Kiyoh managed to have the millionth child born on the surface and even Kiyal played a role in keeping the mechs in top shape. Kittan, on the other hand, just led a small brigade under Simon and Yoko. Whoopdie friggin doo! Simon and Yoko could blow up a galaxy by themselves without his help! He could’ve sat home and ate cheese puffs all day and would sitll have the same amount of impact on the plot. Which was none if you’ve been paying attention. So when he went out in that ” blaze of glory” after kissing Yoko, all I could muster was: Meh.

In both life and death, he was boring. At least he managed to kiss a hot chick before he died. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents!!



2 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 16: Character Death You Didn’t Care About

  1. Nearly every characters that died in the premise of battle shounen shows have me become extremely resistant to feeling for them.

    So yeah, I really thought that Eren’s mom would have made a great snack for the titan.

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