NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22: Anime Series You Refuse To Watch

* Looks up from behind a brick wall.*

Now…before you guys start shooting…


Hey! I didn’t even say the…


Would you just let me..



Look, we all have our preferences. There are certain types of anime we gravitate to and some we don’t. For me, it’s anything that’s overly gory and overly fanservicey/moe shows, as I’ve stated before. The pick I made for this topic falls in line with the latter of those two categories. On top of that…it’s sort of a fan favorite. What show is it?

Lucky Star

Before you tear me to shreds, allow me to explain myself. As much guff as I give moe shows of any kind, I’m not 100% opposed to them. Heck, I actually enjoyed K-On when I first watched it and thoroughly enjoyed Working!. While both were quintessential  moe anime, they had enough good, comedic moments to offset the whole ” cute girls being cute” premise. Shows like that I have nothing against. With Lucky Star….it’s just too moe! From the opening theme song to the various clips I’ve seen, every bit of it just gives me anime diabeetus.

If she’s 18, then I’m 12!!!

There’s only so much cuteness I can stand before I get bored. Just from the previews alone I can tell I wouldn’t enjoy this series just from the way the characters are drawn and represent the standard cute girl tropes to the umpteenth degree. This is just one show I will never, ever watch. I’m NEETaku and that was Just…My 2 Cents.



14 thoughts on “NEETaku’s 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22: Anime Series You Refuse To Watch

  1. The Heavyarms gif had me worried that you would say “Endless Waltz.” I mean sheesh, I’d recommend that one for Heavyarms alone.

    I’m with you on Lucky Start though as I haven’t seen it yet, nor did I plan to. I know lot of people love it, but I have yet to see the appeal.

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