Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Dragon Ball/Z

I really like Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z. I really, really…reeeaaally do. But holy crap there were a lot of dumb moments in that show!!


From Krillin destroying the remote that could shut down the androids, or Goku letting Raditz trick him, there have been quite a few moments throughout the various Akira Toriyama series that have left fans simply asking: Why? And today we’re going to countdown at least 6 of them. Starting with:


#6 Chi Chi Slaps Majin Buu

Apologies for the profanity

Though she’s had her fair share of idiotic moments, Chi Chi has been shown to be a rational, intelligent person. So, color me surprised when the World’s Strongest Housewife decided to waltz right over to Buu and proceed to slap the crap out of him!! I mean…why? Why would you piss off someone who’s shown themselves capable of obliterating an entire city with a single finger?! I get that’s she angry over the supposed death of Gohan, but that still doesn’t justify her basically committing suicide! On top of that, NO ONE tried to stop her or pull her back once she slapped Buu! Where were you on that one, Krillin!!?


# 5 Krillin Not Using The Destructo Disk After Blinding Frieza


I’ve mentioned this before. but it warrants repeating: The Solar Flare is the most BROKEN attack in Dragon Ball/Z history!! It has sooooo many practical applications and could’ve have saved the Z Warriors a ton of headaches! And there’s no better example of this than the time Krillin used it on Frieza. He had the universe’s most dangerous tyrant on his heels after letting loose one of those Solar Flares and what does he do? HE RUNS AWAY!!


Frieza was dead to rights after being hit with the technique! All Krillin had to do was shoot out one Destructo Disk and BAM!! No more Frieza! I mean yeah, Frieza would’ve still been a threat given his survival skills, but at LEAST his momentum would’ve been stopped after being chopped in half!!


#4 Mercenary Tao Tries To Kill Goku With a Grenade


Tao’s face in the above pic says it all, folks. What exactly made this guy think that a grenade would be able to take out Goku? The kid had shown that he was capable of not only withstanding bullets, but even Tao’s lethal Dodonpa Wave technique. So, again, WHAT exactly made him think that this kid, who’s shown himself capable of super human feats the likes of which had never been seen up to that point, would be susceptible to a man-made explosive? I know the guy was desperate to win, but that idea was destined to blow up in his face.


#3 Spectators Forgetting About The Previous World Martial Arts Tournaments


A big plot point during the Cell Saga was Hercule being the strongest man on the planet. And, given that the Z gang hadn’t participated in one for ages, it was only natural that some of their faces/feats were forgotten over time. However…..HOW THE HECK DO YOU FORGET THIS FACE!!?


I don’t care how many years had passed since the last tourney and the one Hercule won, there had to be AT LEAST a few people who had watched the previous ones going to the more modern iterations. And if that were the case, how did they NOT recognize one of the tourney’s greatest participants?! All Goku did was get older! His face didn’t change a bit! I don’t care how good of a showman Hercule is! Even if you take into account the fact that Goku was a Super Saiyan at the time, someone should’ve recognized the guy and been like ” Holy crap! We’re saved!!”


#2 Trunks Not Bringing A Picture Of The Androids With Him To The Past


Let me get this straight. You had enough awareness to know when Frieza would arrive, where Goku would show up, bring along the medicine to cure him AND bring along a Dino Cap that held a mini fridge…


You didn’t think to bring a photo of the TWO KILLER ANDROIDS YOU CAME TO WARN EVERYONE ABOUT!!??


In what world does that make sense!!? Even if the timeline didn’t change and Androids 19/20 never showed up, how were the Z Fighters supposed to find the Androids Trunks was talking about!? They’re Androids!! They were made to look human!! They can blend into normal society and you’d never know they were a cybernetically enhanced being!! You’re the son of a super genius! USE YOUR HEAD FOR ONCE, YA IDIOT!!


#1 Goku Only Saving Hercule In The Buu Saga


Many people have already ragged on Goku about this, but there’s always something they forget to mention. Goku used the Instant Transmission technique to save Hercule’s bacon as Earth was being exploded. You know…the one technique that allows Goku to move at the speed of light? Are you trying to tell me that, in the midst of moving waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy faster than Kid Buu’s attack, he couldn’t have swung over to grab at least Gohan before things went kablooey!!? He’s moving at the speed of light!! He could’ve gone home, took a bath, made a sandwich, marathon the Walking Dead and still have time to spare in order to save everyone!! No matter what explanation Toriyama came up with to justify his actions, it just doesn’t add up!

I’m NEETaku and that was Just….My 2 Cents!!


5 thoughts on “Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Dragon Ball/Z

  1. 6: This surprised you? It seemed perfectly typical of her to me.
    5: Would not have worked.
    4: They had to take Tao out somehow. He’s stronger than Goku when they first clash, and the grenade takes him out, so why not Goku?
    3: Over a decade later? Nah. People don’t remember things for that long. šŸ˜›
    2: Not that one generally needs pictures to identify whoever is throwing energy blasts everywhere and killing everyone in their path, but I doubt they’d have allowed Trunks to take pictures of them anyway.
    1: …they REALLY had to jump through hoops to make it so Hercule was there to rally everyone to save themselves instead of just going about their normal lives mere moments after having died and been brought back. ….yeah, hoops. Really awkward hoops.

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