Top 6 Anime I Dislike, But Who’s OSTs I Enjoy

Yeah I’m putting out a Top 6 List as my first post of the New Year. Sue Me! XD

Let’s be real folks: You’re not going to like every anime you come across. There are just way too many shows out there of varying degrees of quality. Even if said show is made by a studio that you like, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up enjoying watching it. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t parts of the series that you can find enjoyable. For me it’s music. As much as I and others have ragged on SAO, lovers and haters of the show can agree that the OST was pretty spectacular. So, today’s list will consist of anime series that fall into the same sort of mold. Starting with:


#6-5 Gundam SEED/Destiny

I tried to like Gundam SEED and its sequel Destiny. But, there’s only so much angsty, teenage drama I can stomach before I want to slap those little whiners in the face and scream ” Man UP”!! I’ve never watched Twilight before, but I’m pretty sure it’s just as equally emo and depressing. Despite all of that, the soundtrack was a pleasant mixture of techno pop and haunting ballads. The best songs for me by far are the ones ” Into The Quiet Night” & ” Fields of Hope”, which were both sung by Lacus Clyne. Which is weird given just much of a bland, Nary Sue she is. Who knew she’d be able to croon out such beautiful music.


#4 Shaman King



I wouldn’t say I dislike Shaman King all that much. I actually watched it rather persistently during its initial run in the US, However, it was around the time that weird caricature of a black person showed up that I just sort of lost interest. Not cause of the black guy though, lol. The show just sort of got boring to me.

Seriously, Japan. I thought we were beyond this. XD

What never bored me were the opening/ending theme songs and the background music played during the fights. Even as I’m typing this I can hear the English opening playing in the back of my head. Those drums were, and still are, friggin awesome to listen to.


#3 K-ON


Again, like Shaman King, I don’t dislike K-On per se. I did enjoy it the first tine I watched it. I just can’t find myself ever watching it again because the moe aspects of it bore me quite a bit. Which is sort sad cause the teacher in that show was hilarious. And while there wasn’t much music to be heard in a series about a ” Light Music Club” (you figure that one out), the few songs they did get around to playing were pretty catchy. The best of the bunch was ” NO Thank You”. It was the perfect blend of J-Pop and rock that didn’t sound like some cheap, generic schlock.

Fun Fact: I was actually able to play the opening to ” NO Thank You” using the touch tones on my old phone. It was both weird and cool at the same time.


#2 Naruto


For whatever reason I just could not get into Naruto. It came around the time I was really into shounen anime, but it just never stuck with me like Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece or Yu Gi Oh. If I had to choose a reason, I think it would be the characters. Nothing about them ever “wowed” me or made me geek out when they did some special move. They were just the typical characters you saw in that type of anime.

Obviously though the music struck a chord with me. Despite the setting being feudal, the shows OST had a lot heart thumping rock music in it that was rather good. And when it did decide to use more traditional, Eastern style songs, they were done very well and helped set the mood for the anime’s more important moments. The one song that tops the list for me is ” Wind” even despite the quasi Engrish singing.


#1 Inuyasha


* Rubs temples vigorously.*

Ohhhh mmmmyyyy gooooosssshhhh!!!

This show….


Talk about an anime that overstayed its reservation. This absolute bore fest of an “action” series managed to stick around for almost 200 episodes, yet somehow also managed to ACCOMPLISH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The quest for that jewel took waaay longer than it needed, the stupid love quartet between Inuyasha, Kagome, Kikyo and Naraku was annoying as sin and Miroku was a total waste of a character!! Seriously! You have bloody black hole in your hand!! USE IT!!!


Despite my obvious disdain for this anime, it’s one saving grace was its OST. A OST that Inuyasha doesn’t deserve. Much like Naruto, the OST was a heavenly mixture of Eastern and contemporary music. There aren’t many songs from it that I don’t like. Only those that I like more than others. My absolute favorite of them all is ” Every Heart”. Not just because it’s awesome to listen to, but it also introduced me to BoA: The love of my life! <333



Got an anime that you think wasn’t that great, but had good music? Let me know down below. I’m NEETaku and that was Just..My 2 Cents!!


7 thoughts on “Top 6 Anime I Dislike, But Who’s OSTs I Enjoy

  1. I’ve never really thought about this before, but what a neat list!

    Right off the top of my head, Vampire Knight is one whose original opening song I liked since I like mysterious songs, but the story is not my style.

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