Hey Guys… It’s Me.

To say it’s been a long time would a gigantic understatement. It’s been okay half a year, maybe even me, since I’ve posted something on here. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get some message from WordPress about my site being closed, lol.

There’s really no super, duper, overly complicated reasonor me disappearing the way I did. I just…lost my passion. Not just for blogging, but for anime people. I stopped watching it for a good while and even cancelled my subscriptions to Crunchyroll and VRV.  Life just got in the way too much, I guess.

But then… Something amazing happened: I were to my first anime convention! And wouldn’t you know it, the spark returned! Seeing so many people congregating to celebrate something I’ve enjoyed since childhood just clicked with me. And, as a result, that fire I once possessed has been rekindled!

I’m not going to make any promises. Just know that I’ll be posting stuff here soon once again. Glad to be back!


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