NEETaku Presents: SAO Alicization Breakdown – Episode 5

Well…that was certainly slow and boring.


This episode was definitely one of those palette cleansing episodes. The type that’s supposed to give the audience a chance to breath and let the event f the previous episode/s sink in. Nothing against those types of episodes but, much like this one, they can sometimes be quite forgettable.

Asuna and the Scorned Lovers Quartet show up in yet another cafe/bar/restaurant setting(seriously, do these people never hang out at each others homes?) to discuss Kirito’s injury and subsequent disappearance. We are treated again to a flash back of Kirito being done in by Death Gun which annoyed me all over again. Still don’t know how he was injected with whatever substance when he had a reach advantage, but I digress. This episode basically followed the girls around as they searched for where Kirito is. And…that’s about it. It didn’t even fell like a full episode. I’m surprised 20+ minutes passed by after it was done.


The only interesting parts about this episode was how Asuna and this Riko chick infiltrated the sea base that Kirito is being held at. They have the ability to find and mess with a person’s soul and enough security measures to rival Fort Knox, yet a simple hack and a blonde wig is enough to fool everyone!! That…is just pathetic.

I’m sure there’s going to be an exposition dump of some kind coming in the next episode. Hopefully I’ll have more to say. I’m NEETaku and this was Just…My 2 Cents!!

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