Top 6 Couples That Will Never Be A Couple


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Top 6 Worst/Most Hated Characters

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NEETaku Rants: Romance In Anime Part 2 – Love Triangles

Okay! Part 2 of my 3 part series on the issues I have with romance in anime. For those who don’t remember ( and I don’t blame you given the time I took to get this second part out), my first post had to do with harems. I remind you of this come some of you may think that love triangles would fall into the same sort of category. But trust me, they are whole different beast all of their own!

Even with charts they make no sense….

Now, I’m not saying that love triangles are more complicated than harems. The very fact that a harem involves 4+ chicks alone means they can get more convoluted over time. What makes love triangle more annoying than harems are the characters that are involved in said triangle. More specifically, the mindbogglingly irrational way in which all 3 participants interact with each other during the whole courting process.

In my long career as an anime watcher I’ve come across precisely 3 ways in which love triangles go down in anime, which I plan to explain down below. First up:

The Traditional Love Triangle


This is about as simple as they get, and even then they can become annoying. The usual setup is normally 1 guy and 2 girls. However, there can be times when it’s one girl pining after 2 different guys. And THEN there are times when it’s 2 guys/girls going after one guy/girl. Ya see where I’m getting at with this crap?

Gender or  who’s chasing who notwithstanding, it usually starts out with the guy pining after Girl A for some reason or another. And right before he can seal the deal with her, Girl B suddenly pops her head out of a hole and throws a wrench into his plans. Now you got the dude tearing his hair out trying to decide which girl he wants to spend the rest of his time with.

But really…what is the problem?

Why is it so difficult for the guy to just choose Girl A? I mean yeah, Girl B might have the same sort of qualities as Girl A, maybe a bit more. BUT!! She wasn’t the one you’ve had various daydreams about! You didn’t come up with insane plans to get Girl B alone so that you can confess your feelings, did you? Who cares about this other broad!? Seal the deal with the 1st one, ya goof!

In regards to when it’s 2 people going after one, just refer to the rules for harems. It’s basically the same thing just with fewer people.

The Best Friend/Dream Girl Triangle


This one might not be as common to most people, but I’ve seen in quite a few shows and it is SSSSOOOOOOOO AGGRAVATING! And when I say aggravating I mean banging my head on something until I draw blood aggravating! And if you haven’t guessed by now, Nadesico is the perfect example I can use to explain my disdain. It’s gonna get messy so I’ll use bullet points.

  • Yurika has had a one-sided crush on Akito since they were kids
  • Fast forward to when they are grown up and Yuriko spends the entire series to hook up with the guy
  • While dodging Yurika’s advances, Akito sparks up a romance with a ship hand named Megumi.
  • Despite all signs pointing to ” He’s just not into you”, Yurika continues to pursue Akito even though he has a chick!
  • Naturally things start getting complicated with Akito and Megumi due to the purple haired nutjob’s advances
  • THEN the trio somehow end up in a situation where one of them needs to be sacrificed to save the other two
  • THEN all heck breaks loose because Megumi misunderstands what Akito says while they were trapped in said situation and thinks he cares more about Yurika than her
  • And of course, Megumi dumps the guy after getting tired of all the bullcrap

Oh…where do I even begin with this? First off, if you’ve been friends with some guy since you were in diapers and he has never had any romantic feelings for you: TAKE..THE FRIGGIN..HINT!! How many times do you have to be rejected before it sinks in?! He’s not interested in being your boyfriend! But no, you go out of your away to SABOTAGE the poor guy’s relationship with a chick he actually likes just because you are jealous and spiteful. And we’re supposed to cheer when the best friend gets the guy? NOT A CHANCE IN HADES! They can die alone on a remote island for all I care!

And as hard as it can be to believe, this scenario can get even worse!

The Best Friend Helper

You should’ve known this would show up again

As if the childhood friend who has feeling for you wasn’t stupid, some shows, like School Days, decide to throw in the friend who helps you get your dream girl…THEN decides to sabotage you in the end! Yeah, Girl B starts off  going out of her way to help the main guy do all he can to seal the deal with Girl A just cause ” she’s a good person”. But unbeknownst to both Girl A and the main guy, Girl B has already had feelings for the guy, or grows attracted to him while helping out. Can you guess how this ends up?

If you guessed the main guy and Girl A break up…NO FRIGGIN DUH!!!

I mean…I mean how jealous, mean-spirited and all around douchey do you have to be to ruin someone else’s relationship? Are you that disgusted with the fact that you’ll never find love that you must destroy all forms of it that happen to exist around you? If you had such “feeling” for the guy then why wait until he hooks up with someone else!? You had plenty of chances before they hooked up! Let them be happy, you soul sucking harpy!!


Now, some of you may ask are there any examples of love triangles in anime that I actually enjoy. And my answer to that is this:


What an absolutely enjoyable breath of fresh air Golden Time was! I am so glad that someone recommended this show to me a while back. This show is the only example of how a love triangle can actually make some sense. Yes, it does have the whole bestfriend/dream girl scenario wafting about it, but in this case it works. Linda and Banri both dug one another as kids, so it only makes sense that he’d be torn between her and Koko. And instead of Linda trying to pry her way between them because ” Depry derp I loved him first”, she instead not only helps Banri get Koko but is happy that they are together! You know…like how real people would friggin’ act, School Days!!

Ok…wrapping things up. As always let me know your feelings on the subject down below. Seriously, I don’t want this blog to be a one-sided thing. I enjoy having open discussions with people about things that I enjoy. Listening to another perspective on something can be really enjoyable. Be sure to stay tuned for the finale of this little series of posts as I discuss the worst aspect of romance in anime: No Resolutions.

And as always, this is Just…My 2 Cents!!