NEETaku Rants: Can We Give The Ladies A Little Love?

Look, while I’m not a full blown Femi-Nazi who turns the small instance of sexism into a full blown sex war, I have noticed the representation of the fairer gender has taken a turn for the worse as of late. Continue reading


NEETaku’s Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Even though old St. Nick has parked his sleigh for the next 365 days (next year’s a leap year), there’s still one wish Continue reading

Top 6 Anime Openings

Sorry for the delay guys. Just started a new job and got a bit side tracked. But, things have settled down and I’m considering setting up a posting actually schedule of sorts to make things more organized. Be in the lookout for that.

Before I get to my list, some of you may be wondering why I chose 6 as my cutoff. The answer is simple: Continue reading